Friday, January 13, 2012

the chance briefcase

As I was wandering through, I came across this lovely briefcase by Rebecca Minkoff. If I were to have a briefcase this would definitely be the one. I love the structure of the bag itself mixed with the the edgy detailing of the gold studs and fringe zipper. The black ostrich finishes off the bag into a polished piece that I would certainly want in my closet. Wouldn't you?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the wonderful people and outfits of nyfw

        One of my favorite aspects of fashion week has got to be just observing what everyone is wearing. Glamorous or laid back, these people certainly create their own show, styling themselves with a unique creativity. These are not the models on the runway but the people who strut the clothing out on the streets. Photographers would flock to these people to get a photo and so I had to get my bite in too. What do you think? What would you wear to New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?

Monday, September 19, 2011

nanette lepore

          Last wednesday I got to see the Nanette Lepore show at Lincoln Center. Neon colors flew down the runway captivating the entire audience. Each look was bright and youthful giving way to a fun filled spring. With the combination of live music by Sam Bisbee and beautiful clothing of Nanette Lepore, the atmosphere was one of a youthful brillance. Does this make you want to take on the neon splash?

First look down the runway definitely set the tone for the entire show. Bright florescents all the way.

Citron is usually not my color of choice but somehow on this runway it worked. Otherwise I'm not sure how many people could pull this electric look off on the streets.

The contract of the light blue lace and tangerine dress is what caught my attention. What about yours?

In person this tangerine embroidered top showed movement with it's fringe-like bottom detailing..

Pretty lace, I must in spring.

The cutout on the back of this dress is what made me love it.

Bright spring prints.

This dress was amazing in person, the splash floral print and flow of fabric moved beautifully.