Tuesday, January 25, 2011

staying warm when it's -15?!

      Good morning! I didn't have time to do a post yesterday and so these photos are from yesterday and let me just say it was FREEZING out! seriously...-15f I believe? So what do I opt to wear on days such as these? well of course layers and sweaters! I wore my big h&m sweater that I adore in the winter because it's soooo warm and it's necessary to wear a hat in such temperatures so I just grabbed this one out of my coat closet. It's from when I was around 12?ahaha it's slightly bedazzeled but it's fun and I believe everyone needs a little fun in their lives. I'm having problems uploading photos so these are not all of them, I'll try and put the others on as soon as possible! What do you wear in the cold? 
p.s. it's snowing AGAIN today:)

what I'm wearing:
vintage bracelet
h&m sweater dress
leather boots
old hat from 6th grade

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a nice place

     I woke up and snow was everywhere. A life in Maine means shoveling snow in the mornings before you go to work during the winter. Oh boy the joy! The day turned out beautiful. I chose to wear an old leather biker jacket that used to me my dads when he was young. It's quite warm and I love the colour. I included photos of not only my outfit but pieces of the center of my town along with a little seating area where I take lots of visits to during the summer. I think I'm going to do that for now on. How was your day?

what I'm wearing:
raulph lauren sweater
my dad's old biker jacket
marc jacobs necklace
anne klein ankle boots
forever 21 skirt

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I like cool people

At work today I met the most alive and beautiful women. She was 82 years old and still full of life. She told me that age is just a number and that as long as you feel young, then you are young. I love meeting people such as her plus she the best ensemble on! Pink long coat(with pink fur collar), floral scarf, cute knit hat, metallic nails and of course the most gorgeous ring! She was fabulous and yet had such an elegant beauty that I wish I could have photographed( at work with no camera) anyways this led me to think about some of the people I find so interesting and how their photos and fashion inspire me. Here are a few from the Startorialist, Andy from Style Scrapbook, a photo from lookbook.nu(I forgot the name!) and chiara from The Blonde Salad. Who inspires you?
xo nikki
P.s. First photo is of me at work...Lovin life

Friday, January 21, 2011

army of pearls

       I went outside to take some photos and along came my little brother, Adam. He's one of those little kids with so much energy you don't know where it comes from. I started taking photos when he asked if he could take some...oh boy do I say yes or no with the camera.. Well I said yes and some of the photos turned out pretty good! I just made sure he had the strap around his neck!hah anyways I decided to feminize an old army themed sweater with some pearls and jeweled bow jewelry that I wore a lot during the holidays. I love mixing styles like a floral dress and a studded bracelet..lovee. Tell me what you think!

what I'm wearing:
tommy hilfiger sweater
static peacoat
h&m jeans
pearl necklace
black leather boots
h&m accessories

Thursday, January 20, 2011

five years past

      Soooo I thought I should show you some of my favorite photos. The things I have experienced and seen inspire me. In the world of fashion it is important to always have inspirations and references. A photo doesn't have to be of a clothing garment or an accessory for it to have an impact on fashion and style.