Friday, January 21, 2011

army of pearls

       I went outside to take some photos and along came my little brother, Adam. He's one of those little kids with so much energy you don't know where it comes from. I started taking photos when he asked if he could take some...oh boy do I say yes or no with the camera.. Well I said yes and some of the photos turned out pretty good! I just made sure he had the strap around his neck!hah anyways I decided to feminize an old army themed sweater with some pearls and jeweled bow jewelry that I wore a lot during the holidays. I love mixing styles like a floral dress and a studded bracelet..lovee. Tell me what you think!

what I'm wearing:
tommy hilfiger sweater
static peacoat
h&m jeans
pearl necklace
black leather boots
h&m accessories

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