Tuesday, January 25, 2011

staying warm when it's -15?!

      Good morning! I didn't have time to do a post yesterday and so these photos are from yesterday and let me just say it was FREEZING out! seriously...-15f I believe? So what do I opt to wear on days such as these? well of course layers and sweaters! I wore my big h&m sweater that I adore in the winter because it's soooo warm and it's necessary to wear a hat in such temperatures so I just grabbed this one out of my coat closet. It's from when I was around 12?ahaha it's slightly bedazzeled but it's fun and I believe everyone needs a little fun in their lives. I'm having problems uploading photos so these are not all of them, I'll try and put the others on as soon as possible! What do you wear in the cold? 
p.s. it's snowing AGAIN today:)

what I'm wearing:
vintage bracelet
h&m sweater dress
leather boots
old hat from 6th grade

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