Saturday, January 22, 2011

I like cool people

At work today I met the most alive and beautiful women. She was 82 years old and still full of life. She told me that age is just a number and that as long as you feel young, then you are young. I love meeting people such as her plus she the best ensemble on! Pink long coat(with pink fur collar), floral scarf, cute knit hat, metallic nails and of course the most gorgeous ring! She was fabulous and yet had such an elegant beauty that I wish I could have photographed( at work with no camera) anyways this led me to think about some of the people I find so interesting and how their photos and fashion inspire me. Here are a few from the Startorialist, Andy from Style Scrapbook, a photo from forgot the name!) and chiara from The Blonde Salad. Who inspires you?
xo nikki
P.s. First photo is of me at work...Lovin life

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