Sunday, February 20, 2011

fresh fruit and facepaint

      ¡Hola! I started out the day eating yummy tamales and ended it eating fresh fruit. I spent the day in a floral sun dress, strolling through the South Texas Museum Fair and the flee market where I made a few purchases. Everyone speaks spanish here(I understand quite a bit after 5 years of study) and people seem so alive. The air smells  so sweet and even the wind is warm making walks so so lovely. I had to wear my sweater again because there was a slight wind and it's the only one I packed! How are you all doing? Any other travel stories? I'd love to hear!

What I'm wearing:
urban outfitters floral dress
maurice sasson sweater
target flats
straw weaved bag gifted from a friend
vintage earrings
h&m braided belt

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